OREANDA-NEWS.  Elite wine cellars manufactured by POZIS are now for sale on the online stores of several leading federal chains.

POZIS enhances online sale of its products Elite wine coolers have now joined the product line of the POZIS refrigerators currently for sale online.

Internet stores representing such well-known national retail chains as Eldorado and DOMO have long offered POZIS products to their customers: popular household refrigerators, specialized equipment and elite products. They offer more than 70 items and variants thereof.

One of the manufacturer's new products for sale online are the POZIS-Vine cellars, which create an ideal microclimate for any wine.

The design of the POZIS-Vine cellar provides optimal conditions for the storage of sparkling, young, mature, red and white wines, as well as red vintage wines. A feature of the cellar is that it lacks a fan. This ensures a smooth temperature distribution of air in the chamber and, consequently, has made it possible to choose a more precise location for the storage of a particular brand of wine.

POZIS-Vine has reduced levels of vibration and energy consumption. The environmentally friendly refrigerant isobutane R600a has been used in its design.

The glass door with an ultraviolet filter and wooden shelves made of precious woods will make a strong impression on aesthetes. An electronic display with digital thermometer is also included for added convenience.

THE SERGO FACTORY PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION (POZIS) is a manufacturer of the small-caliber ammunition, large appliances and high-tech medical refrigerators. It is a subsidiary of the Machine Engineering Technologies Concern of the Rostec State Corporation. It is a leading Russian machine building enterprise.

SCIENCE AND PRODUCTION CONCERN MACHINE ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIES (SPC TechMash) is a holding company owned by the Rostec State Corporation. It was founded in 2011. It produces high-accuracy artillery munitions, multiple rocket launchers, unguided air missiles, small-caliber ammunition, aerial bombs and other ordnance. The holding's military products are currently in use in 100 countries around the world. Civilian products and agricultural machinery include mounted and trailed equipment, metal products and machinery components, mining and exploration equipment, electrical products, industrial explosives and products made from them, bellows, main-line pumps and much more.