OREANDA-NEWS. March 28, 2014. Deputy Head of FAS Legal Department, Denis Gavrilov, addressed the ХIV Intellectual Property Forum with a presentation about the “Ways of Applying the Antimonopoly Law to Intellectual Rights”.

The Forum was attended by representatives of the Federal Service on Intellectual Rights (Rospatent), legal firms, “Skolkovo” Intellectual Property Centre, Intellectual Rights Centre and business-community.

Attendees evaluated the situation in the field of intellectual property, analyzed changes to the IV Chapter of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and discussed judicial practice in this field.

Denis Gavrilov talked about applying the antimonopoly law to intellectual rights, and drew attention to foreign practices that could be introduced to Russian antimonopoly law.

“Agreements in the field of intellectual property can be considered as violations of the antimonopoly law if conditions of such agreements prevent economic, technological and innovative development – emerging and developing competition, or contain provisions on goods circulation that are prohibited "per se" as ultimately eliminating competition on the market. These are the trends of the best world practices”, commented Deputy Head of FAS Legal Department, Denis Gavrilov.