OREANDA-NEWS. March 31, 2014. According to the document implementing the European Directive, all appliances in Moldova shall be marked indicating energy efficiency for the consumers to know how much energy a particular device is consuming.

These standards are mandatory for all manufacturers and importers of household electrical appliances. Information on the consumption of electricity and other energy must be communicated to end-users via cards and labels to every product offered for sale, including distance selling and Internet.

Under the energy label refers to the icon, which are specified by the colors of the arrows and letters of the alphabet, the energy efficiency appliance or products that consume energy. The illustrative part, the content and design of the labels of the products covered by this law will be approved by the government.

It is agreed, that any advertising when placing products that consume energy, must contain a reference to the efficiency of the product and the product price. Any technical promotional materials related to energy-consuming products, which describes specific technical parameters of the product (technical manuals and brochures of the manufacturer), in printed or electronic form, shall contain necessary information about energy consumption or reference to the efficiency of the product.