OREANDA-NEWS. Group of companies Synergy", a leading producer of alcoholic beverages in Russia, has moved to a single corporate HRM system based on a product BOSS-Kadrovik. Partner of this project of automation of personnel management in the FMCG segment is the company GMCS, a member of MAYKOR.

Currently HRM system is used in the Management Company, business units of the holding in 7 regions of the Russian Federation, enterprises of meat and dairy segment of the holding, as well as in the branded retail chains.

As one of the largest employers in the country, we strive to provide a comfortable working environment for the staff and the presence of a strong HR system plays an important role here. The main prerequisites of the project were our desire to unify the processes of personnel management in all companies of the holding with a total staff of more than eight thousand people. The new system based on product BOSS-Kadrovik meets our needs and provides the necessary functionality for a qualitative account of movement of personnel and staff costs. Also we did not make a mistake with a contractor - GMCS has fully met our expectations by providing high quality work and professionalism in solving the problems, - says Nikolay Belokopytov, deputy chairman of the GC Synergy.

The corporate system allows Synergy to pursue a common policy of HR management across the holding taking into account industry specificity: administration of the staff, staff schedule and time-keeping, payroll (including piecework). GMCS has developed additional user forms and configured essential document flow in the system to simplify the processes of internal and external reporting.

Processes of personnel management in holdings have several features that need to be considered when implementing the solution. Thanks to the competent implementation strategy we were able to ensure a smooth launch of the HR management system, even in the most geographically remote business units in a timely manner and without risk for the customer,- says Oleg Kotov, director of automated HR systems of GMCS.

Implementation of BOSS-Kadrovik at the GC Synergy has demonstrated the entire complex of advantages that our solution for large distributed holdings has. Flexibility in configuration and effective mechanisms for unification ensured rapid deployment of the system, while maintaining business processes of HR management, specific for the companies. Another important component of success is high professionalism of our partners, one of which is GMCS that has all the necessary competencies for projects of this scale,- said Evgeniy Kuchik, CEO of BOSS . Personnel systems.