OREANDA-NEWS. April 01, 2014. A Cadre Conference was convened by MCC Ramu NiCo Limited (MCC Ramu). President Guo Wenqing of MCC Group, President Zhang Zhaoxiang of MCC and the other leaders at Beijing were present at the meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Zhang Zhaoxiang. Wang Yongguang announced the determination of MCC Group on the leader adjustment for MCC Ramu. According to the determination, Wang Jicheng was nominated as the General Manager & Party Secretary of MCC Ramu; Gu Yuxiang would not hold the concurrent posts of BOD Director, Party Secretary & Vice General Manager; and Liu Yuewei would not hold the concurrent post of Vice General Manager.

Guo Wenqing delivered an important speech at the conference. The adjustment is a prudent decision made by MCC Group basing upon the on-field investigation on MCC Ramu, as well as the recommendations received from various parties. Guo expected the new leading group to seriously sum up experiences, make subjective initiative into full play, lead all the employees to master the opportunities and bring about an upswing to reach design output and standard.

Guo put forward four requirements to the new leaders and all the cadres of MCC Ramu:

I. Laying emphasis on management and enhancing the leadership of the leading group

II. Making comprehensive plan as a whole, undertaking scientific organization and reaching design output and standard as soon as possible

III. Behaving in strict discipline and establishing an operational team with perfect working style

IV. Acting in positive and motivational manner, making contribution to the loss-reduction and profit-increase of MCC Group

Guo Wenqing stressed that, MCC Ramu should correctly deal with the pressure posed by the Group. He stated that, the jobsite of MCC Ramu was the front line, and MCC Group would act as the rear area for supply of personnel, fund and material resources. Guo requested MCC Ramu to take the leading group adjustment as an opportunity, take concerted action and unite as one, make full play of the wisdom, put the power together and make contribution for realization of the vision for “Shaping a Better Future for MCC”.

Wang Jicheng respectively aired opinions at the conference, stating that they would firmly obey the decisions of MCC Group and redouble efforts on their duties in the follow-up work. They promised to live up to the expectation of the Group’s leaders and repay MCC Group with outstanding achievements. The attendees at the meeting included: leaders and staff of HR Department of MCC Group, MCC Mining Group and MCC Ramu.