OREANDA-NEWS. Civil liability of the owner of Raspadskaya mine, a hazardous object (Kemerovo region), where a rock failure occurred on the previous day, was insured with Ingosstrakh Insurance Company under a compulsory civil liability insurance contract for the owner of a hazardous facility for damage caused as a result of an accident at the hazardous facility (Compulsory Insurance for Hazardous Production Facilities).

Pursuant to the terms of the contract, the sum insured is RUB 10 m in compliance with the effective legislation of the Russian Federation.

To recap, owners of hazardous facilities have to insure their liability for the damage pursuant to the federal legislation (No. 225-FZ of 27.07.2010). The new rules of compulsory insurance of hazardous facilities are effective from January 1, 2012 for commercial organizations and from January 1, 2013 for state-funded organizations. It is stipulated in the legislation that the insurance payment in compensation for harm to persons who have suffered damage as a result of the death of a victim (loss of breadwinner) is RUB 2 m, in respect of each deceased person, and up to RUB 25 thousand as compensation for funeral expenses. The limit of liability of the insurance company for the damage caused to the health of each victim is RUB 2 m. The law also provides for compensation for damage caused to individuals as a result of violations of their living conditions (up to RUB 200 thousand each), natural persons' property (up to RUB 360 thousand) and the property of legal persons (up to RUB 500 thousand).

The rock failure occured in Raspadskaya mine on March 19. According to preliminary information, the rock collapsed during the repair and reinforcement works on the roof. One person died. A pre-investigation check is being conducted at the mine. A proceeding decision will be taken upon the results of the investigation.

The insurance company is going to send its representative to the factory to participate in the investigation of the causes and circumstances of the incident, as well as to establish the amount of damage. If the case is recognized as an insured event, Ingosstrakh Insurance Company will effect insurance compensation payment pursuant to the effective legislation and the terms of the insurance contract.