OREANDA-NEWS. On March 25, the BUCE headquarters played host to a meeting between the BUCE administration and some of the biggest buyers of timber. The main topic on the agenda was introduction of a new scheme for selling timber at the BUCE exchange auctions. In accordance with the scheme, delivery costs will be included into the price of goods specified in the lot. This will relieve buyers from the necessity to arrange the delivery and enable them to collect their purchases in any suitable place.

At present, most of the timber sales transactions are executed on FCA or DAF terms, i.e. it is the buyer who bears all delivery-related risks. In view of the best international practices, the BUCE came forward with the initiative to change the aforementioned scheme of delivery. Thus, to encourage timber exports, the BUCE suggests arranging the delivery of all purchased goods to the point specified by the buyer in his exchange application.

It is planned that this scheme will be implemented in cooperation with exchange carriers registered at the BICE. They will deliver goods either on DAP terms to the specified point or to an exchange warehouse (provided it is available in the country of destination).

During the talks between the BUCE administration, foreign traders and representatives of the Belarusian forest industry, the parties reached an agreement to hold new exchange auctions in a test mode. This way buyers will be able to choose the delivery of goods on DAP or DAF/FCA terms with obligatory inclusion of logistics into the price of the lot. Based on the obtained results, the BUCE will develop an optimal scheme of timber exports that will meet the needs and requirements of all stakeholders.