OREANDA-NEWS.   Vodafone today announced a new seven year, multi million pound contract with utility company RWE to become the company’s total communications partner in the UK, providing all network, voice and data services to RWE subsidiaries including npower from April 1 2014.
Vodafone will supply and manage telecommunications, video conferencing and internet access across all RWE UK sites, connecting offices, customer contact centres and the monitoring and control systems used in RWE npower’s power generation sites.
RWE expects the introduction of the new services provided by Vodafone to reduce costs by streamlining the company’s communications needs and encouraging more efficient and innovative ways of working.
RWE chief information officer Michael Neff, said, “Given the scope of services we were looking to upgrade it was important to us that we had a partner who was both a good technological as well as cultural fit – I believe that Vodafone met our needs on both levels.”
Vodafone Global Enterprise chief executive, Jan Geldmacher, said: “RWE is a critically important supplier to millions of UK households and businesses and need a world-class total communications provider that they can rely on. We look forward to supporting RWE over the years ahead.”