OREANDA-NEWS. April 04, 2014. Minister of Transport and Communications Zhenis Kasymbek became familiar with progress of work on road facilities sites during his working trip to the Almaty Region.

Minister held a meeting with representatives of the contractors regarding implementation of the projects "Almaty - Khorgos", "Almaty - Kapshagay" and "Kapshagay – Shymkent.

4 contractors are working at 8 sections of "Almaty - Khorgos" with a total length 304 km at the moment. Implementation of the project started last year, and its completion is scheduled for 2015.

The Minister also visited the section "Almaty-Kapshagay". This year 10 km of this road are planned to be commissioned. The remaining sections stretching for 53 km are planned to be announceв tenders for construction work in April this year. Currently two contractors are involved in the construction of "Almaty-Kapshagay".

The work on the reconstruction of "Kapshagay-Shymkent" is conducted throughout its length - 157 km, including roundabout way of Sarkand City. Six contractors are involved in its construction. It is planned that 16 km of the road will be commissioned in the current year. And full completion is scheduled for 2016.

In general, the preparatory works, as well as work on the construction of artificial structures and reorganization of the communications have been started by contractors on all sections.