OREANDA-NEWS. Construction works at the third phase of TMM's Sonyachna brama residential complex are going as scheduled, with the following types of works being finished/at the final stage since beginning of 2014:

- heating and power supply systems installation in buildings B-12, B13;

- storm water drainage system and fire extinguishing system installation in parking lots G-7/10, G-8/11;

- ground coating in parking lot G-8/11;

- floor underlayment filling in common areas of building B12;

- brick laying works of the walls in parking lot G-8/11;

- facade works in building B-13;

- elevators equipment installation in buildings B-12, B13.

As of 20.03.2014, with the average daily temperatures rising to the required levels, the following types of works have been restored:

- facade works in building B12;

- facade works in building B14;

- floor underlayment filling in apartments of building B12;

- wall plastering works in building B12;

- finishing works in parking lot G-7/10.