OREANDA-NEWS.   OJSC KAMAZ reports that 43 vehicles that had been seized by unknown people in Ukraine were given to their legal owners – Torgovaya kompaniya KAMAZ in Chernigov.

The cadets from Perm Military Institute of Internal Troops of the Russian MVD are undergoing practical training at the automobile factory.
The would-be experts in military tracked and wheeled vehicles are simultaneously mastering work professions at KAMAZ and writing term papers.
The guys should learn as much as possible and try themselves in different jobs therefore they practice at gears, driveshaft, vehicle assembly and delivery shops in rotation. And on Saturdays, after half a day of their working, the trainees meet with technologists of the plant to consult them about term papers.
The shop managers and foremen appreciate the students’ efforts and initiative. Colonel Vasiliev, the manager of practical training, is sure that the guys are lucky with the appointment, and there are many things to learn at KAMAZ.