OREANDA-NEWS. By the initiative and the decision of the Board of APB “APRANGA” the annual general meeting (hereinafter referred to as the Meeting) of APB “APRANGA” (legal entity code 121933274, registered at Kirtimu str. 51, Vilnius, hereinafter - the Company) shareholders will be held on 29th April 2014 at 11:00 am. Registration starts at 10:00 am. on 29th April 2014.

Meeting place is the Company's headquarters at Kirtimu str. 51, Vilnius.

The accounting date for the shareholders is 22nd April 2014.

The rights accounting day is 14th May 2014. Property rights shall be held by the persons who will be shareholders at the close of the tenth working day after the general shareholders' meeting having adopted the respective decision.

Meeting agenda:

1. Consolidated annual report on the activities of the Company in 2013.

2. Auditor's report on the Company's financial statements and annual report.

3. Approval of the consolidated and Company's financial statements for the year 2013.

4. Company's profit (loss) allocation for the year 2013.

5. Election of firm of auditors and establishment of the terms of remuneration for audit services.

6. Election of board members.

7. Election of the independent member of the Audit committee, approval of Audit comittee composition, approval of remuneration of the independent member of the Audit committee.

The Company is not providing the possibility to attend and vote at the Meeting through electronic means of communication.