OREANDA-NEWS. April 09, 2014. We are implementing the innovative solutions for Your convenience and kindly inform You  that since now you will be able to connect to "SB linija" using a safe and convenient mobile e-signature.

A mobile e-signature is one of the safest means of electronic personal identification existing today, which is protected by a PIN code which is known only by a user.

A user wishing to use a mobile e-signature should change his SIM card to a new card bearing a mobile signature function which can be acquired in the mobile operator's („Omnitel“, „Tele2“) representative office. We kindly remind that a person must have a passport or personal identification card. The clients of the "Omnitel" mobile operator must have a bank's chip payment card as well. Providing that a SIM card belongs to a company the clients of other mobile operators  must submit a power of attorney.

You will be able to connect to "SB linija" by means of a mobile signature after choosing  a "Mobile signature" as login security instrument , however,  the transactions will be continuously signed in the same way as up to now.

If You prefer not only login by means of mobile signature but also sign the transactions by means of mobile signature, then first of all You will have to change the transaction signature type from the currently used  one into an "e-signature" type. This can be done by choosing  and filling an Application for amendment of a signing instrument on the section "Applications and Requests" on the "SB linija" menu or by visiting the nearest customer service point of Siauliu bankas.