OREANDA-NEWS. Viktor Zubkov, Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors held a meeting today in Rybinsk. It was dedicated to the issues of introducing a standardized gas compressor unit (GCU).

Taking part in the meeting were Sergey Yastrebov, Governor of the Yaroslavl Region, Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, Oleg Aksyutin and Igor Fyodorov, Members of the Management Committee, executives from Gazprom's relevant units, heads of the 'New Technologies in Gas Industry' Association of Equipment Manufacturers, Association of Gas Compressor Equipment Manufacturers and Saturn – Gas Turbines.

The meeting addressed the design of a 16 MW standardized GCU (GCUs of such capacity are most frequent among those presently applied by Gazprom). The meeting participants were shown the GCU test model.

It was pointed out that the GCU represented an advanced design concept unrivalled both in Russia and globally. The project consolidated the efforts of major multibusiness companies, such as Iskra-Avigaz, Aviagaztsentr, REP Holding, United Engine Corporation and its affiliated plants (Perm Engine Company and Saturn – Gas Turbines).

The GCU unit-wise design comprises units and equipment fixed on a multi-purpose basement, enabling installation of gas turbine engines and compressors of almost any of Russian manufacturers, as well as the standardized digital control systems.

Applying a standardized GCU in constructing new gas pipelines will allow Gazprom to cut down the time and costs of developing project documentation for compressor stations, reduce steel consumption, capital expenditures and commissioning deadlines. According to the estimates, the introduction of the standardized design will provide for shortening the complete construction cycle of a compressor station by 10 months – down to 37 months.

In addition, this offers an option of managing equipment supplies for meeting the GCU installation schedule. It will result in higher competition among the companies in terms of production time, quality and efficiency of produced equipment.

 “The unification of gas compressor units is a part of Gazprom's efforts for creating standardized compressor stations. As a result, the costs of their construction will be considerably reduced. It is planned that as soon as the next year Gazprom will start using these GCUs in constructing new and retrofitting the existing compressor stations,” said Viktor Zubkov.

Based on the meeting results, the participants were tasked to proceed with unifying GCUs (25 MW GCUs, in particular), as well as the whole set of basic and ancillary equipment of compressor stations.