OREANDA-NEWS. April 14, 2014. Kazakhstan Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning (MEBP) has submitted the bill on improvement of the budgetary legislation to Majilis. It was presented by the head of MEBP Yerbolat Dossayev.

"Draft law "On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan on improvement of the budgetary legislation" is put forward for your consideration. This is the second package of amendments," Y.Dossayev said.

The bill is designed to further implement the Concept of the new fiscal policy, and the Concept of improving the result-oriented system of state planning, as well as individual instructions of the President, he noted. The bill also provides for the introduction of changes and amendments to the Budget Code, the Law "On local public administration and self-government in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Law "On Concessions" and the Law "On State Property".

"The second package of amendments is aimed at increasing the independence of government agencies in the budget performance and the budget performance flexibility. As well as increasing independence of administrators and local authorities in the implementation of targeted transfers to development, simplification of procedures for allocating and implementing targeted transfers to the regions, improving budget reporting and budget execution procedures," the Minister said.

In order to enhance the independence of publiс organs and flexibility of budget performance, according to him, the possibility of enlarging the budget programs by combining within expenditure programs aimed to achieve the same result with their translation in separate subprograms.

"This will allow public organs to reallocate resources within their own budget program between subprograms without changing the total amount of the program and to respond promptly to the course of its performance," he added.

In addition, it is requested to reallocate funds between budget programs of development of one public body not exceeding 10% by the Government’s decision. With the rise of self-dependency, the responsibility of Akims, first head administrator of the budget programs of lower budgets for failure to reach results from specific transfers at full development budget is imposed.

"The adoption of the bill will help to reduce the amount of undeveloped resources, simplification of budget performance at a local level and to further improve efficiency of budgetary funds in whole," Y. Dossayev summed.

It is expected that the amendments will be approved by the Parliament and it will come into force from July 1.