OREANDA-NEWS.  In order to make a scheme of payment simple and transparent KAMAZ approved regulations on personal allowances for workers.
Personal allowances are introduced instead of allowances for workmanship and will be given to workers for high qualification and professional achievements. Taken into account will also be efficient performance and over-fulfillment of shift tasks, training young and newly hired workers, mastering related professions. Particular attention will be paid to high-quality performance of work, maintaining discipline, observing labor protection and preventive fire-fighting regulations, participation in the development and implementation of the Production System KAMAZ. This is done to make the scheme of payment simple and transparent, eliminate duplication of allowances, reduce the amount of calculation codes. The main advantage of personal allowances is that this fund will be much larger than the fund of allowances for professional skills.
Personal allowances will be established by the heads of departments and can be corrected before the expiration of the fixed term within the standard wage fund.
The maximum size of the personal allowance will not exceed a twofold average monthly rate of the fixed grade for highly skilled workers and an average monthly rate for others.