OREANDA-NEWS. April 15, 2014. “AutoKrAZ” makes steady progress amidst difficult economical and political situation in Ukraine, marketing countries and countries of suppliers of components.

Since the beginning of the year, the company’s management and staff succeeded in maintaining and increasing production results. March was no exception, “AutoKrAZ” showed growth in all the areas of its activities. In March “AutoKrAZ” manufactured UAH 60, 7m worth of products, 108, 7 percent more than in February.

67 trucks rolled off the main assembly line of the Kremenchug Automobile Plant.

Platform trucks account for 43 percent of total number of vehicles produced, chassis cabs for 54 percent, short log trucks for 3 percent. Al the vehicles are to be exported.

Results of “KrAZ” achieved in the first quarter of this year are especially representative amid production drop in the automotive industry of Ukraine. The company produced 192 trucks in January-March, which was 73 percent higher than in 2013. Sales grew 82,7 %, from the same period of the previous year. 201 trucks were shipped to customers since the beginning of this year.

There is growth in other areas of automobile plant activities. “AutoKrAZ” also reports 20,6 percent increase in production of castings from the same period of the previous year. 

The staff of “KrAZ” is upbeat about the prospects: workers are determined to do all the tasks scheduled for April.