OREANDA-NEWS. April 15, 2014. For the period January – February, 2014 of AtaInsurance OJSC has made the largest insurance compensation.

Payment for the sum 32 284 manat has been made on insurance upon accidents and diseases. Payment has been directed on execution of obligations to bank under the mortgage loan. Thus, AtaInsurance OJSC has once again shown itself as the reliable insurance partner both for corporate, and for individual clients.

AtaInsurance constantly paying special attention to customer satisfaction is increasing its efforts to simplify and accelerate the process of issuing payments. As a result of these activities customers has been provided with high level of insurance services and the level of their satisfaction has been increased. It is once again confirmed by the data of the agencies specializing under the analysis and researches of the insurance market in area of satisfaction of clients.

AtaInsurance, an AtaHolding Company, has been operating in the insurance market since 2004 and renders services on 22 types of voluntary and 4 types of compulsory insurance to its clients. AtaInsurance is a founder and member of Compulsory Insurance Bureau. Service network of AtaInsurance OJCS is consisted of 5 branches, 8 representative offices and 6 sales offices.