OREANDA-NEWS. April 15, 2014. With its mobile code calculator Digipass NANO, SEB banka in Latvia has won 1st place in the innovative banking services competition "Golden Coin 2014" in the category "Services to Private Persons and Legal Entities", organized by the Latvian Association of Commercial Banks. In turn, the electronic solutions developed by SEB banka for euro communication during the introduction of the euro were awarded 2nd place in the category "Sustainability Projects".

President of SEB banka Ainars Ozols: "Currently, Digipass NANO, as one of our recent services, is gradually gaining trust from customers by replacing the traditional code calculator with this solution, which ensures the possibility to generate codes for accessing the Internetbank by phone. There is no doubt that time is passing and technologies are developing quickly, and we, as a bank, have the obligation to follow these trends and adapt to customer needs, as well as to maintain the security of using electronic services. Digipass NANO is a solution which increases the security of online transactions. We are also glad to have won 2nd place in the category "Sustainability Projects". This is important recognition of our performance in creating convenient solutions for customers for easy transition to the euro. We would like to thank all our colleagues who took part in the implementation of these projects. Also this year, we will continue working on the development of new solutions which meet the dynamic lifestyle and growing expectations of our customers."

In a survey carried out by SEB Latvia and Mindshare, 62% of respondents admitted that it is important for them to have some means of authorisation with them every day. A code card or calculator may be forgotten at home, while Digipass NANO in a mobile telephone is easier to carry than other solutions. It is not a separate device, but rather a secure micro-chip which can be labelled on the SIM card of a mobile telephone. The application does not need to be downloaded from the Internet, so Internet accessibility is of no importance, and it is separated from the mobile telephone's operating system and cannot be directly controlled and affected by software from the Internet.
This year, SEB banka participated in the competition with three projects, two of which were nominated for the finals. In the category "Services to Private Persons and Legal Entities", Digipass NANO qualified for the finals, while in the category "Sustainability Projects" the participating project was "educational e-solutions developed within the framework of euro communication". SEB in Latvia's contactless card "Dinamo" also participated in the competition.

Last year, SEB in Latvia's project "E-card – a multifunctional, personalised contactless card" won 1st place in the category "Services to Private Persons". More information about the competition "Golden Coin 2014" can be found on the homepage of the Latvian Association of Commercial Banks.