OREANDA-NEWS. In January-March 2014, the Open joint-stock Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) operations won 25.0 mln tonnes of coal. Compared to the same period last year the production increased by 3%.

The sales volume in January-March 2014 went up 3% against the same period in the previous year, amounting to 24.4 mln tonnes of coal.

The international market coal sales went up 18% to 11.1 mln tonnes of coal, with the Company's own coal exports growing by 21% to 10.3 mln tonnes of coal. The major international consumer markets are China, South Korea, UK, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.

The domestic market sales decreased by 16%. As many as 13.3 mln tonnes of coal were sold to consumers within Russia, with 10.0 mln tonnes from the above amount shipped to electric power-generating facilities. The decreased domestic sales follow reduced demand in the wake of soft winter, large supply of power generated by hydropower stations, and power stations being overstocked with coal.