OREANDA-NEWS.  The Bank of Moscow issued a credit guarantee line in the amount of 2.532 billion rubles to GERA, ZAO. In particular, within the guarantee line the borrower received the guarantee for the amount of 206.3 million rubles to complete contract work on reconstruction of the road located at proezd 5371, Gogolya street, Zelenograd. Besides, the Bank of Moscow issued the guarantee for the amount of 225.4 million rubles to complete contract work on expansion of the Yagodnaya street trafficway and on reconstruction of certain areas of Zagoryevsky proezd in Biryulyovo East district.

GERA, ZAO is a part of the same-name Group of companies, being founded in 1993. During 21 years of its activities the Company performed a wide range of projects including construction and reconstruction of roads and utility lines, complex territorial improvement and development; it launched production of road concrete mixes and environmentally friendly soils, established its own logistics center for storage of bulk materials equipped with a separate railway branch line.

“The Bank of Moscow takes advantage of successful cooperation with companies engaged in construction, maintenance and reconstruction of the city’s road network. We are ready to provide the road sector companies with the full range of services required for implementation of their projects: beginning with loans and guarantees for participation in tenders and up to funding at the stage of the contract performance,” comments Evgeny Monin, Director of the Bank of Moscow Corporate sales department.