OREANDA-NEWS. April 16, 2014. Ukrainian Professional Bank has developed a new deposit programs on favorable terms, designed for short term placement of funds.

Deposit "7 days" allows you to place funds with a yield of 16% annually in local currency , 6% in U.S. dollars or 5% in euros. An automatic extension of up to 12 times. Interest is paid at the end of each period , ie weekly.

Deposit "To Easter" is set for 20 days, yielding a profit 20% in local currency, and 7% in U.S. dollars and 6% in euros. Automatic extension - up to 6 times.

Deposit "To Holidays" with a validity of 30 days, provides 23% in local currency, 9.5% in dollars and 7.5% in the euro. Automatically extended one time.

On deposit "Spring" can allocate funds for 3 months and get 25% in local currency and 10% in U.S. dollars and 9% in euros. Interest is paid monthly.

Recall that the Ukrainian Professional Bank regularly takes top position in the ranking of reliability of banks and enjoys a reputation as one of the most reliable banks in Ukraine.