OREANDA-NEWS. April 16, 2014. As of April 2014 the inhabitants of Chervensky district (Minsk region), Pruzhansky, Luninetsky and Brestsky district (Brest region), Rechitsky district (Gomel region) as well as inhabitants of Brest and Gomel  have a chance to subscribe for digital terrestrial television (DTT).

The DTT basic package Standard TV provided by interactive television ZALA includes 18 popular TV channels to satisfy any taste (film channels, channels for kids, educational, entertaining and sport channels) as well as 8 republican channels broadcasted in open format over the whole territory of Belarus.

At present there are 19 transmitters (broadcasting of the package Standard TV). The subscribers residing in transmitting area Begoml, Berezino, Grebenka, Krupki, Kolodishchi, Pleshchenitsy, Tekhtin, Ushachi and Yaroshevka besides the basic package can subscribe for additional thematic packages (Detsky, Dlya dushy, Filmovy, Poznovatelny-razvlekatelny). Maximum quantity of channels including additional packages can reach 44 channels.