OREANDA-NEWS. April 17, 2014. Shanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd (STSS for short) issued Announcement about Counterfeiting TISCO Brand for Illegal Business Activities, announcement No. 2010-24.

Recently several traders were found seeking illegal profits by counterfeiting and tampering the Product Quality Product, making false advertisements to pretend as franchised dealers of STSS, in name of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., TISCO or Taigang Stainless Steel Co., and passing shoddy products off as STSSs products. This behavior not only caused severe damage to customers interest, STSSs right and brand reputation, but also disrupted the normal order of steel market. 
In order to protect investors interest, STSS would like to make the following declaration again.
Enterprises and individuals who engage in business activities by illegal means in steel trading process such as passing shoddy products off as ones of high quality, fake labeling, illegal titling, tampering Product Quality Product shall stop all activities that encroach on STSSs interest and brand reputation.
STSS will adopt legal action against illegal business activities existing in current market like simulating our company brand, tracing their tortuous liability. If it constitutes a crime, STSS will report to judicial office according to law, so as to protect customers legal rights and STSSs brand reputation.
STSS established twenty peripheral sales subsidiaries all over China, which is in responsible of product sales in each district, and authorize dealers to sign long-term product supply agreement with STSS. It holds certificate of authorization specially issued by STSS. Directories of sales subsidiaries and franchised dealers can be searched and verified on STSSs website (tgbx.tisco.com.cn) under marketing window column.
We welcome customers and dealers provide information on activities infringing STSSs interest and brand reputation, so that we can adopt corresponding measures together to maintain the good order of steel market and defend our common interest. We encourage customers and the public to report all kinds of illegal business activities simulating STSS band, which we deliver our sincere gratitude and will reward accordingly.
Therefore, STSS established brand marketing management division in the marketing department, in responsible of maintenance of product brand and anti-counterfeit work. If customers have any doubt on Product Quality Certificate, we welcome your call or visit for inquiry.