OREANDA-NEWS. PT Lautan Ajinomoto Fine Ingredients (LAFI), a subsidiary of Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (Ajinomoto Co.), completed construction and began full-scale operation of a plant that produces cosmetic ingredients for personal care product applications, using amino acids as raw materials. A completion ceremony will be held on April 30. The start-up of the new plant will expand the cosmetic ingredient supply capability of the entire Ajinomoto Group to 1.3 times the current level, with the aim of establishing a global supply structure directed toward growing markets, mainly in Asia.

In the personal care products industry, particularly in Europe, there is a trend toward using natural, environmentally conscious, plant-derived raw materials that are gentle on users. As a result, demand has been increasing for cosmetic ingredients from Ajinomoto Co. that use amino acids as raw materials.

The global market for cosmetic ingredients was approximately JPY 35 trillion in 2013, and is forecast to grow by about 5% annually. Markets in Asia and Latin America drive the global market.

In 2020, these two markets are expected to account for around 40% of the global market (2013 Ajinomoto survey).

The Ajinomoto Group currently supplies cosmetic ingredients to more than 3,000 companies in approximately 50 countries worldwide, and about half of its sales are outside Japan. With the start of production at LAFI, the Ajinomoto Group has four production bases for cosmetic ingredients: two in Japan (Kawasaki Plant and Tokai Plant), Limeira Plant in Brazil (which mainly manufactures humectants) and LAFI. Based on this global structure, the Ajinomoto Group will supply cosmetic ingredients to growing markets, mainly in Asia.

Sales of cosmetic ingredients produced by LAFI will be conducted by the Ajinomoto Group except in Indonesia, where sales will be conducted by local joint venture partner PT Lautan Luas Tbk.

The Ajinomoto Group will contribute to the health of its customers' skin and hair with its unique amino acid-based cosmetic ingredients.