OREANDA-NEWS. MegaFon has completed the first phase of updating its online channels. The changes have touched all official website interfaces and self-services including online store, Personal Account and application Mobile personal account. The changes were aimed at simplification of data presentation, its visibility and maximal freedom for subscribers in managing services and tariffs via any device.

The main website of MegaFon has become all-purpose and convenient at any screen resolution and size. Adaptive layout automatically adjusts the location of all navigation elements and information blocks so that they can look understandable and user-friendly at any devices from cell phone to computer. Special attention is paid to the blocks devoted to selection of tariff plans and information about roaming, which are mostly demanded by subscribers. Moreover, as the penetration of touch-screen devices is growing, MegaFon has made ??its new website equally convenient both for work from the keyboard and from touchscreen smartphones or tablets.

The Personal Account service has also been greatly updated: processes of navigation and searching for necessary adjustments and detailizations became simpler. The new version of user interface perfectly matches mobile devices and has popular Tiled structure. Now it is possible to find necessary information about connected tariffs and options or change personal settings in a couple of clicks. Tiled interface allows making your Personal Account as functional as possible, and at the same time makes work with it easy and convenient. It is very simple to add or edit some tiles when a new service is introduced. With help of these updates MegaFon aims to increase the number of clients served through Personal Account up to 10 million per month by the end of 2014.

The application Mobile personal Account is already available in AppStore. By installing the application on a device user can easily manage the account, activate and deactivate services, control expenses. User-friendly interface and easy navigation will make work with the application convenient for subscribers of MegaFon.

Updated Personal Account and mobile application are now available only for subscribers of Moscow region but in a few months new interfaces will appear in all the branches of MegaFon.

MegaFon's online store has as well been changed. It became much more convenient with the ability to easily choose necessary goods and services. Simple navigation has greatly speeded up loading of the store pages.

Development of new interfaces have been carried out during six months in close collaboration with the subscribers who actually know best what services and information blocks are particularly important. When creating a new website, store and Personal Account we used the most modern authoring tools that allow easy scaling by adding new services and information sections.

Tens of millions of our subscribers today use self-service systems, including website, online store, Personal Account and applications. Updating all our digital communication channels is the result of analyzing the users' behavior on the site. We are sure that they have become easier and clearer, - says Yuri Mikhailov, Director for online Competence Center - But this does not mean that we are going to stop. We have a plan for development of the online channel for several years ahead. And thanks to the updated system architecture new features can be adjuster very quickly.