OREANDA-NEWS. April 23, 2014. SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is a committed player in the design and implementation of sustainable solutions for water and waste management in a world with limited resources.

As such, the Group has adapted its development and governance model to address the expectations of its customers and all stakeholders.

In order to deploy its Sustainable Development policy, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT announces the appointment of Helene Valade as Director of Sustainable Development.

Having obtained her degree from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (IEP) in 1991, Helene Valade has held various roles at a number of polling organisations. In 2005, Helene Valade joined Lyonnaisedes Eaux, a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, taking charge of the Sustainable Development and Strategic Planning department.

Since 2009, Helene Valade has chaired the College of Directors of Sustainable Development (College des Directeurs du Developpement Durable – C3D), composed of more than 100 Directors in charge of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, as well as private and public organisations.

The aim of this association is to exchange best practices and promote sustainable development as a catalyst for corporate and social transformation.

Helene Valade was today appointed Director of Sustainable Development at SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT within the Group’s Department of Communications and Sustainable Development.