OREANDA-NEWS. "Latest Engineering Solutions in Gas Industry. Prospects for Implementation" Russian National Forum has been taken place in Moscow, being hosted by "New technologies of gas industry" Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Gazprom's management, represented by Zubkov V.A., Board Chairman, Golko Y.Y., Member of the Board, Head of Investment and Construction Department, Fedorov I.U., CEO of Gazprom Komplektatsiya LLC, as well as senior managers of equipment manufacturing enterprises, designing and research institutions delivered a speech in the course of the conference.

Main topic of the forum was national equipment content increase in the correspondent industry, particularly, in LNG production industry. This goal can be reached by implementation of unified gas pumping unit (GPU). Such project has been already successfully implemented.

Ruslan Goryukhin, Executive Director of the Equipment Manufacturers Association, CEO of LLC "STROYGAZMONTAZH", said that an implementation of unified GPU will be a substantial contribution to innovative methods, which Gazprom applies to gas production and transfer.

In the frame of the forum the issues of revamping and technical update of producing facilities during field facilities construction as well as project cost efficiency improvement by means of innovative technical solutions implementation were discussed by the participants of the forum.

An exhibition of latest developments of equipment manufacturers has taken place within the conference.