OREANDA-NEWS. Belarus' government poured around Br40 billion (USD 4.032 million) in a project to reconstruct the Stolbtsy branch of the Gorodeya sugar refinery in 2014.

The Government of Belarus released this information following the visit to Stolbtsy by Belarusian Premier Mikhail Myasnikovich.

The money was used to procure and install the facilities to manufacture fruit-and-berry flavours and fillings. After the retooling, the Stolbtsy branch of the Gorodeya sugar refinery is capable of manufacturing almost 4,000 tonnes of fruit-and-berry fillings, when the staff works in a three-shift mode.

The company is expected to increase output in order to substitute imports - last year Belarus imported 4,500 tonnes of fruit-and-berry fillings.

The company uses locally-available fruits and berries and is the country's only manufacturer of this kind. The factory plans to launch a special facility for processing wild-grown berries.

The Stolbtsy branch of OAO Gorodeya Sugar Refinery was established in November 2012 as a result of merging Gorodeya Sugar Refinery with OAO BelNaturProdukt. The company specializes in producing juices and nectars.