OREANDA-NEWS. April 24, 2014. According to statistics from China’s Customs, 2013 hardwood log imports fell 1.7% to 2.723 million cubic metres compared to 2012. Imports were valued at RMB 1.172 billion (USD188 million), up 20 % from 2012.

The average unit price for hardwood logs in 2013 rose 23% compared to 2012. Hardwood sawnwood imports expanded sharply to 6.18 million cubic metres in 2013 and were valued at RMB 17.8 billion (USD 2.9 billion), up 126 % from 2012. The average unit price for hardwood sawnwood fell 4% year on year, ITTO reported.

Chinese 2013 imports of redwoods rose 52% compared to 2012, rising to 1.2 million cubic metres valued at RMB 8.6 billion (USD 1.4 billion). Of the total, redwood log imports rose 40% year on year to 1.06 million cubic metres, accounting for 39% of all hardwood logs imports. China’s imports of sawn redwoods totalled 98,200 cubic metres in 2013, a year on year increase of 32%, but comprised only 1.6 % of all hardwood sawnwood imports.

The average unit price for imported redwood logs in 2013 rose 11% year on year and the unit price for sawn redwood increased 4%. China’s redwood imports from Southeast Asia accounted for 65% of total redwood imports, a year on year decline of 12 % but still SE Asia remains the main source of redwoods.

Africa was the second most important supplier accounting for 28% of all redwood imports, up 11 % from 2012. Chinese imports of redwoods from Central and South America accounted for just 7% of all redwood imports in 2013 and were only marginally up on 2012.

According to China’s National Standard (GB/T18107- 2000) Redwoods (termed Hongmu in China) refers to the heartwood of Pterocarpus spp., Dalbergia spp., Millettia spp., Cassia spp., whose density, texture and colour meet the requirements set in the National Hongmu Standard. Currently 33 species are listed in the standard.