OREANDA-NEWS. April 28, 2014. The Government will ensure overall support to the national manufacturers in order to assist them to build their business in Europe and to use autonomous trade preferences rendered by the European Union for Ukrainian goods with maximal efficiency for themselves and Ukraine’s economy.

Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Pavlo Sheremeta stressed during a briefing at the House of Government.

The proof for that is active steps taken in the direction of creating necessary legislative basis targeting to assist Ukrainian business in conquering the European market.

“Certainly, we are grateful to the European Union for such one-way step. But we have to realize that opening doesn’t mean an automatic victory, these markets should be conquered. There are powerful competitors there. Two (out of four) laws submitted to the Verkhovna Rada by us today concern assistance to Ukrainian enterprises in gaining this victory,” Pavlo Sheremeta said.
The Minister explained it concerned the draft laws “On standardization” and “On metrology and metrological activity” that would enable Ukrainian enterprises to synchronize the standards with the European ones.

Together with that, Pavlo Sheremeta believes, the six months during which the preferences will be in effect will enable every Ukrainian producer to determine whether he is capable to work on the European market, what must be made to promote successfully their goods on the European market, and during the term of autonomous trade preferences to make all the best and strengthen the positions by the moment of signing the economic part of the Agreement.