OREANDA-NEWS. April 30, 2014. Boao Forum for Asia 2014 annual conference was held ceremoniously in Hainan.   The topic of this annual conference is “new future of Asia: discover and release driving powers of new development”, and discussions were on development over economic conditions of Asia and the World related to three main clues of reformation, innovation and sustainable development.

Li Keqiang, prime minister of the State Council, attended the meeting and made a keynote speech. Politicians of many countries and business leaders attended the forum, and Mr. Jia Baojun, president of Sinosteel Corporation was invited to attend the meeting. 

Mr. Jia and Tony Abbott, prime minister of Australia conducted cordial discussions and exchanged opinions with regards to development of economy and trade between China and Australia. Prime minister Tony Abbott expressed that, in recent years, bilateral relationship between China and Australia has a good development momentum with continuously strengthening economic and trade cooperation, and a group of Chinese enterprises such as Sinosteel have made contribution to resource development and infrastructure construction in Australia, and he wished to continue to deepen cooperation and understanding with Chinese enterprises, and Australia will continuously promote multi-layer cooperation between two countries. Mr. Jia expressed that, under the current international economic situations, the trend of complementarity and inter-reliance between China and Australia in economy has been more and more apparent, as the earliest Chinese enterprise which invested in Australia, Sinosteel is willing to further consolidate and deepen economic and trade cooperation with Australia, and wishes Australia government to continue to strengthen policy supports to projects of Sinosteel in Australia to promote joint prosperity and development of economies of both parties. 

As the representative of China enterprises, Mr. Jia attended the conference of “dialogue between business leaders of China and Australia” , expressed his opinions mainly focusing on development of iron and steel industry and overseas investment and cooperation of Chinese enterprise, and expressed opinions and suggestions of wishing Australia to continue to support development of Chinese enterprise in Australia, jointly discuss both parties’ interests and enhance pragmatic cooperation. Main responsible persons of Chinese and Australia enterprises such as the Export-import Bank of China, Valin Group, Stone Group, Primavera Capital, Wing Lung Bank, Money Magazine, National Australia Bank, FMB and Woodside Petroleum Ltd joined in the dialogue.

During the period of attending Boao forum, Mr. Jia met with Andrew Forrest, chairman of FMG Fortescue Metals Group Limited, the third largest iron ore exporter of Australia. Both parties conducted a discussion with regards to complementary relationship between metallurgy and mining industry of Australia and iron and steel industry in China and between corresponding downstream industries, and conducted in-depth discussion with regards to iron ore pricing mechanism and supply and demand relationship under the background of uncertainties in global economic conditions and China’s aggressive industrial structure adjustment. Mr. Forrest wishes to develop cooperation with Sinosteel as soon as possible to exert both parties’ strengths and form strength complementarity with regards to iron ore development and sales with Sinosteel’s regional network distribution advantages.