OREANDA-NEWS. May 08, 2014. ICBC has continued to innovate with its service modes and methods from the year to date, vigorously developing new approach like WeChat banking to offer more convenient services for customers. Statistics showed that ICBC’s WeChat business volume reached 17.61 million transactions in the first quarter of this year and the number of customers bound increased by 3.5 times, a signal of rapid development.

ICBC WeChat banking has 58 self-service functions for customers, allowing them to send inquiries to the public account “ICBC E-banking” via WeChat and get answers from ICBC’s professional team. Customers can also edit messages in fixed forms to inquire the account-opening bank information, account information, promotion activities, gold price, silver price, platinum price, deposit interest rate, loan interest rate, foreign exchange quotation, foreign exchange rate, fund net value, bond price and net value of wealth management products.

ICBC WeChat banking represents a service mode combining manual operation, self-service and intelligent function. Consultation requiring high-level tailored service will be handled manually. Customers may get accurate answers including links and expression. To meet customers’ demand for a unified and standard access to account information and financial information, ICBC WeChat banking’s self-service mode enables customers to edit business code or click self-service menu for inquiry. Meanwhile, the manual consultation processing system of ICBC WeChat banking introduces the artificial intelligence technology to support the intelligent search of back-office data base and answering to inquires, thereby enhancing the service efficiency.