OREANDA-NEWS. RTSoft and CIGRE signed an agreement to establish on the basis of RTSoft Russian Study Committee D2 "Information systems and telecommunication" in the field of electricity.

In accordance with this agreement, RTSoft is being awarded with the status of "Leading scientific and technical partner of CIGRE Russian National Committee". The decision was made at a meeting of the Russian National Committee CIGRE (RNC CIGRE).

On RTSoft's basis and support the following main tasks will be solved:

coordination and monitoring of scientific and technical activity of individual and collective members of RNC CIGRE within D2 category, development and implementation of plans for scientific and technical activities of RNC CIGRE within direction D2 managed by the Technical Committee of RNC CIGRE;

organization of business communications in the Russian energy community to form independent expert opinions, develop positions on important scientific and technological issues and problems of domestic energy which has to be known and taken into account in the investment policy, business and strategic planning, normative-technical regulation, production and design activities as objective scientific, technical or technological limitations;

representation of the Russian professional energy community in the Study Committee CIGRE "Information Systems and Telecommunication", forming and strengthening of the authority of Russian scientists, specialists, experts in international scientific and technical exchanges under CIGRE D2 direction.

Specialization of the Study Committee D2 "Information systems and telecommunication" of RNC CIGRE covers:

the telecommunications and information requirements and services in the EPI - (Electric Power Industry) for operational and non-operational applications, such as speech, data, high-speed data, video, video-conferencing, Internet, telecontrol et cetera both in fixed or mobile environments;

the networks, media and devices needed to support the above mentioned services;

the information transmission methods and the network technologies required to fulfill the EPI needs in an efficient way;

the processes of data collection, validation, storage, retrieval and management;

the requirements for information and telecommunication systems and services: flow-control, security, economy, transparency, regulation, quality, network performance and delays, integrity et cetera.

The competence of the Study Committee D2 based on RTSoft will include all relevant domain issues:

current and future needs of electrical networks, consumers and structural power companies;

monitoring of the emerging technologies to evaluate (in advance) their possible impact on the EPI, organizing and carrying out studies upon the relevant issues;

specification, design, engineering, installation, commissioning, performance, operation, repair, maintenance and management;

providing work to support the activities of international standardization committees.

Thereby RTSoft expands the scope of their activities, which will enable the company:

summarize world experience of development and use of telecommunications in the energy, getting first-hand information;

demonstrate the achievements of national and world science to wide range of professionals;

increase the degree of implementation of promising ideas and modern technology;

represent Russia in international session and workshop CIGRE, regular meetings of research committees and working groups in proper topical area.