OREANDA-NEWS. From the 8th of September, OJSC KAMAZ will launch its vehicle scrappage scheme until December 31, 2014.

The program is aimed at the replacement of old trucks and buses with modern ones, cleaner and safer vehicles and a higher demand for new cars.

In accordance with the clauses of the program, a discount of RUB 350 thousand will be provided to the buyer of a KAMAZ truck for any used vehicle converted to scrap metal. In this case, the vehicle to be scrapped must be complete, and it must be owned by the participant of the program for half a year or more. There is also a "trade-in" scheme for purchasers of a new KAMAZ. The buyer will receive a discount of RUB 300 thousand in this situation.

The recycling program of OJSC KAMAZ will be implemented through the company's dealer network.

General Director of OJSC KAMAZ Sergey Kogogin said, "The scrappage of the truck fleet is inevitable because 730 thousand of one and a half million vehicles in operation are over 15 years. This is quite a high percentage". "The main positive outcome of the program will be accelerated retirement of vehicles failing to comply with the current emission, environmental and safety standards", added Sergey Kogogin.