OREANDA-NEWS. A meeting of the permanent commission on occupational safety of JSC TATNEFT, structural divisions and management companies concerning the results of 2014 and the main areas of organizational and technical work on industrial and fire safety, occupational safety, in-process monitoring, prevention of occupational injuries and accidents was held at JSC TATNEFT.

The annual forum was attended by representatives of regulatory bodies: the Volga Control Inspectorate of Rostechnadzor, State Labor Inspectorate of the Republic of Tatarstan, Trade Unions Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Volga Interregional Territorial Administration for Supervision of Nuclear and Radiation Safety, etc.

The main report on the results of the Company’s activities in the area of industrial and fire safety, occupational safety and health in 2014 and the areas of organizational and technical work on   prevention of occupational injuries and accidents in 2015  was presented to the audience by Nail Ibragimov, Deputy General Director for Production - Chief Engineer of JSC TATNEFT.

A number of technical/technological and organizational measures to improve the conditions of safety and labor protection were implemented during 2014. The Company acquired new hoist units for well workover, mobile and stationary drilling rigs. Scheduled overhaul of tanks, vessels, heat exchangers and process furnaces was performed. There were 293 km of pipelines built and repaired. Application of polymer coated pipes as well as inhibitory and sacrificial protection allowed reducing oil pipeline failures significantly compared with 2013.

The Chief Engineer of JSC TATNEFT also mentioned in his report that there was work underway in the Company to improve the power supply system reliability. The "Program to improve reliability of the power supply system of JSC TATNEFT for 2006-2020" provides for introduction of modern highly efficient power equipment.

The Company continued implementing the program of environmental safety. 948 wells were equipped with casing cathodic protection, electrochemical protection against groundwater corrosion was provided for 625 km oilfield pipelines, there were 1,213 km of corrosion resistant pipes manufactured at the Company and about 5.4 thousand tons of corrosion inhibitors were used for protection against internal corrosion. The internal surface of the 21-st vertical stock tank was provided with anti-corrosion coatings and cathodic protection.

The Industrial and Sanitary Laboratory of "Tatneftegazpererabotka" Administration performed over 12,700 air samples analyses. The Chemical Analytical Laboratory of UPTZH for PPD performed more than 12,300 water sample analyses. Chloride and petroleum products contents in the main rivers of the oil producing region are stably maintained within the established limits. The Departmental Radiological Monitoring Laboratory of TatNIPIneft R&D Institute performed 16,000 measurements of gamma radiation at the workplaces and areas of the oil treatment facilities. The equivalent dose rate did not exceed the values set by the radiation safety standards.

The integrated corporate management system of industrial safety, occupational health and environment of JSC TATNEFT "Production control of industrial health and safety" was put into commercial operation in 2014 (the program was included in the state computer programs register of Rospatent). Implementation of the project  allowed systematizing  collection, filing and storage of information about violations, promptly analyzing them according to various criteria, assessing the quality of verifications, as well as registering in the program not only graphics and monitoring results, but also the output: reports on compliance with the requirements. The program application allowed increasing performance discipline and significantly bringing up the professional level of the specialists in the implementation of production control.

In 2015, the Company continued work on improving the OSH management, industrial and fire safety system through introduction of modern tools to ensure safe conditions of industrial activities.

There were also themed presentations and reports supplementing the main report at the meeting.

In the end of the event the TATNEFT Group of Companies  employees were awarded for their good results of work in the area of industrial safety and labor protection in 2014.