OREANDA-NEWS. Stroytransgaz PJSC (STG), a member of STG Group, won the tender and signed a contract with Moscow United Electric Grid Company OJSC (MOESK) for renovation of 110 kV "Dinamo-Grazhdanskaya No. 1., No. 2" cable line. This project will be implemented for the needs of High Voltage Cable Networks, a MOESK's branch. The price of the contract amounts to almost RUR 1 bln.

The route of the two-chain 110 kV "Dinamo-Grazhdanskaya No. 1., No. 2" cable line starts at "Dinamo" substation and ends at "Grazhdanskaya" substation, crossing Begovoy, Khoroshevsky, Aeroport and Koptevo districts of Administrative okrug of Moscow.

The renovation project provides for substitution of cables of "Dinamo-Grazhdanskaya" cable line. Total length of the new route of the cable to be laid by STG is 4.6 km. The cable will be laid with the use of surface (2.9 km) and underground (1.7 km) methods. Within the framework of the contract, STG will perform construction and assembly, commissioning and ensure supply of equipment and materials.

The underground method with the use of horizontal directional drilling will be applied at the crossings with underground utilities and large transport corridors. This methods allow avoiding destruction of pavement and interrupting traffic as the pavement is "pierced" locally at entries and exists of underground sections where the cable is laid. Project completion is scheduled for December 2017.

PJSC STG has implemented these projects under the MOESK's order since the mid-2013. Within the framework of this cooperation, in the end of 2014, STG completed two projects for construction of "TPP 20 - Kozhevnicheskaya No. 1, No. 2" cable line and "Drozdovo - Gorenki" cable line. The current contract portfolio comprises eight projects for MOESK, including construction, renovation and design of power supply networks in Moscow and Moscow oblast ("Medvedevskaya", "Tkatskaya", "Dedovo", "Daryino", "Molchanovo" substation, "City Mayakovskaya" cable line and now "Dinamo-Grazhdanskaya" cable line).

"Since 2012, earnings of the STG's energy sector have almost doubled, profitability of projects has increased by 4 times up to 15.4% for three years, STG's managing director for energy construction Mikhail Khryapov tells. The market conditions are changing, particularly, customers' investment programs are shrinking, however, our reputation of a reliable general contractor, ability to minimize risks and work maximally effectively allows us winning new contracts and feeling confident about the future."