OREANDA-NEWS. For the period from December 2014 to January 2015, Stroytransgaz Group (STG Group) won two tendering procedures arranged by Mosavtodor State Budgetary Enterprise for Moscow oblast and Main Directorate of Road Facilities for Moscow oblast and signed 4 contracts for implementation of projects in the area of transport infrastructure totaling to RUR 8.3 bln.

As a general contractor under the order of MDRF MO, in Moscow oblast PJSC STG will construct two viaducts over a railroad in Firsanovka (Khimki region) (for RUR 2 bln) and Tuchkovo settlement (for RUR 3.1 bln) and transport junction in Lyuberetsky district (for RUR 2.9 bln). STG LLC that specializes in construction of road infrastructure facilities in STG Group will act as a construction contractor.

Since January 2015, STG LLC has performed works relating to maintenance of man-made structures on the roads under the MOSAVTODOR's order: 910 bridgeworks (bridges and viaducts), tunnels (open and closed), pedestrian crossings (underground and surface), ship warning lights; 208 large culverts; 9 sets of treatment facilities. Price of the contract is RUR 355 bln.

As for road construction, STG has started this year by entering into a range of contracts from large customers, including a new one, Mosavtodor. The company continues successful diversification of its business and customers. Stroytransgaz acts in this segment confidently, having a reputation of a reliable construction contractor at the market in the area of construction of transport infrastructure facilities, Deputy General Director for operating activities of PJSC STG Oleg Shiryaev says.

Since 2014, STG Group has developed the area of infrastructure construction powered by STG LLC dynamically. Current STG's construction projects are focused in Moscow and Moscow oblast, in 2015 the company plans further diversification of customers and entering new segments, including construction of port facilities, subway, tunnels, railroads and enhancing the area of works, by covering Russian regions, significantly.

For the time being, the portfolio of STG's current contracts includes construction of Perkhushkovo viaduct, transport junction, crossing Mikhnevo-Zhilevo railroad, renovation of the motor road A-104 Moscow-Dmitrov-Dubna 23 km. In cooperation with ARKS, STG participates in construction of Molodogvardeyskaya transport junction. Stroytransgaz participates in development of PPP in Russia. Particularly, in 2014 a consortium with STG passed preliminary (qualification) selection for participation in the competition for construction of Central Ring Road-3 and 4.