OREANDA-NEWS. Ford Sollers plant in Vsevolozhsk cancels downtime that was announced for March-April of 2015. According to "RBK" with reference to its sources, it is connected with the revision of the market and Ford share in it, and as a consequence the increase of production volume of models Ford Focus and Mondeo. In addition, in the coming weeks it should be occurred the launch of the updated sedan Ford Mondeo.

According to the presentation of the plans of sales and marketing of Ford Sollers for the first half of 2015, which is at the disposal of "RBK", in January-March the Ford plant plans to produce 3974 Ford Focus cars. Recall, the company this year began to work after the Christmas holidays a week later than other St. Petersburg car plants, and during 2014 it was introduced several downtimes. In the first half, the plant has stopped the work for 58 days totally, from the end of October of 2014 before the Christmas holidays, the company worked about two weeks. Since April of 2014 the site in Vsevolozhsk works part-time working week with the floating days of downtime. The company noted that the downtime is associated with the preparation for production of new models (besides Ford Mondeo, in 2015 it is planned to launch a new Ford Focus). According to experts, it is quite logical, because the model range of Ford is obsolete.

"Negative trends in sales were known, so the company is to take measures for localization of new models," - says the CEO of "Auto Dealer SPb", Michael Chaplygin. The experts are not optimistic in connection with the production of new models, especially Ford Mondeo. "The launch of the model is clearly too late - it is produced in Europe for two years", - said Mr.Chaplygin. - "Little hard to believe in the successful sales of Mondeo, especially, based on the price of the car. It is not a Ford Focus, it is not a mass market, and this model does not give the substantial sales volume. "

According to the Association of European Businesses (AEB), Ford sales in January in the Russian market fell by 57% to 1,813 vehicles, while non-model of brand did not include the Top 25 of best-selling cars in Russia.