OREANDA-NEWS. Toyota Motor Corporation is working on a comprehensive overhaul of the IT system used by approximately 5,000 affiliated Toyota and Lexus dealerships throughout Japan in order to more swiftly provide tailor-made customer service.

The overhaul to the system, which was originally deployed in 2001, is scheduled to be rolled out over a 12-month period. It will allow sales staff nation-wide to use tablets connected to a central cloud server to instantly provide the latest detailed information to customers in the sales yard, including for example, the cost, appearance, and specifications of the available options for each vehicle model and how each model compares with those of other manufacturers. The streamlined system will also increase the speed with which after-service can be provided and administered.

The establishment of a high-efficiency cloud-based server center and other measures are also intended to reduce dealer IT costs and labor by IT system personnel.