OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, and SAP CIS company have launched Russia’s largest project on moving business solutions to the cloud service based on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (SAP HEC). The measure will help the company cut its costs thanks to cloud infrastructure. On a large-scale growth of its business Tele2 needs an instrument able to provide support for the company’s key processes and raise their efficiency. Tele2 is using SAP to set up a transparent and centralized system for managing its business − with all necessary scaling potential and support for the company’s further development.

In 2014, Tele2 started a launch of SAP ERP based on SAP HANA that has become one of the largest in Russia. To successfully roll out IT landscape in the shortest time, Tele2 decided to use safe and reliable infrastructure of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud based on the SAP data processing centre in Moscow.

Lyudmila Smirnova, Chief Financial and Administrative Director at Tele2: “Tele2 active development as a federal mobile operator requires a speed-up in processing of growing data volumes and cuts in costs. The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud solution for optimizing Tele2 infrastructure will be an appropriate way to safely and efficiently develop business without incurring additional costs on IT infrastructure.”

Roman Ganrio, Consulting and Training Director at SAP CIS: “Taking into account high competition and rapidly changing situation on the Russian market it is very important to consider all external factors and cut expenses – first of all thanks to increase in efficiency and flexibility of IT infrastructure. We are happy to continue our cooperation with Tele2 and hope that our partnership will help our contractor find new resources for further business development.” The companies are planning to expand their services in the future and use HANA Enterprise Cloud as a platform for launching new products based on SAP HANA.