OREANDA-NEWS. General fire training, which was conducted in accordance with the main activities plan of the Main Directorate of the MES in Russia in the Tver region and the Kalininskaya NPP, took place on February 11 at the Kalininskaya NPP.

Its main purpose was to check the readiness of operational nuclear power plant personnel and the personnel of the fire service to operate in conditions beyond design of basis accidents and emergency situations.

There are all four power unit in work at the moment. The radiation background corresponds to level of normal operation of power units, which doesn't exceed natural background values.

The Kalininskaya nuclear power plant is a branch of the JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom". The station is located in the north of the Tver region in the Udomelskiy area. There are four power units with water-cooled power reactors (VVER-1000) with installed capacity of 1000 MW each in the structure of the Kalininskaya nuclear power station.