OREANDA-NEWS. The company is exploring the possibility of setting in Datsun the Japanese "automat" of company Jatco on the sedan on-DO, which is available at the facilities of AvtoVAZ. The new version of the model can be on sale before the end of 2015. Now on-DO is only sold with a manual transmission, only model mi-Do is currently available with automatic transmission. Hatchback version with "automat" costs 445 thousand rubles.

"The company Datsun is exploring the possibility of setting of “automat” Jatco on the sedan on-DO. The new version can be on sale at the end of the year- the spokesman of Datsun in Russia informed “Za rulem.RF". He did not specify the approximate price of a new version of the sedan.

In February, the company began sales of Datsun of the second model - hatchback Datsun mi-DO, which is available with automatic transmission for 455,000 rubles. Model Lada Granta, which is built on the basis of sedan Datsun, is sold with a robotic gearbox for 401.3 thousand rubles now. The most expensive version of the sedan Datsun on-DO, as of February of 2015, costs 419 thousand rubles.

As previously reported, Datsun plans to bring the third model in the Russian market - a crossover, which may appear in the 2017-2018 years.