OREANDA-NEWS. AvtoVAZ plans to increase the production in 2015 by almost 39% to 712,000 vehicles, said the president of AvtoVAZ, Bo Andersson.

Previously, he announced plans to boost the production of the company in 2015 by about 20%, says the agency "Tass”. According to him, to increase the production in 2015, the company should mainly due to the increase in the production of the new Renault Logan, Renault Sandero and Datsun. "A large increase in production will also occur due to the start of production of cars Lada Vesta in September of 2015, but the results we will see in 2016", - said previously the head of AvtoVAZ.

Recall the last year AvtoVAZ produced 575.1 thousand vehicles and assembly kits, including 386.8 thousand Lada cars and 133.9 thousand cars for the alliance Renault-Nissan. Sales of Lada brand cars were 439.1 thousand units – it is less by 17.9% than in 2013. Among them in Russia it was sold 387.3 thousand cars, it was exported 51.7 thousand cars.

For 2015 AvtoVAZ forecasts the reduction of Russian car market by 19% to 1.9 million cars. While sales of Lada should grow by 15-20% due to the active promotion of products in foreign markets, further improve of the localization of products (currently it is 82% for Lada cars) and bring to market two new promising models Lada Vesta and Xray.