OREANDA-NEWS. Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) announced today that its Annual Report 2014 and CSR Data Book 2014 have received the Good Performance Prize in the Environmental Report Section of the 18th Environmental Communication Awards, cosponsored by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum.

The Environmental Communication Awards recognize outstanding environmental reports, environmental activity reports and environmental television spots with a view toward promoting efforts by businesses in environmental management and environmental communication and improving the quality of environmental information disclosure. This year marks the 18th anniversary of the Environmental Communication Awards.

The prize was awarded in recognition of Takeda’s promotion of CSR activities in accordance with international principles and guidelines and in conjunction with stakeholder dialogue, as well as its explanation of identified material issues in a concrete and easy-to-understand style; its expansion of the range of independent assurances for non-financial information in the report; its enhanced internal auditing for risk reduction by setting up environmental management structures based on Global EHS policies; and its understanding of CO2 emissions throughout the entire value chain. Furthermore, the Takeda Annual Report 2014 and CSR Data Book 2014 was judged one of the most advanced integrated reports in Japan.

As a pharmaceutical company that engages with people’s lives, Takeda remains committed to the fulfillment of its social responsibility in response to the needs of global society and is determined to step up efforts so as to produce even better reports in future with the interests of all its stakeholders firmly in mind.

About Takeda’s Annual Report and CSR Data Book

Since fiscal 2006, Takeda has been publishing its annual report as an integrated report incorporating non-financial information in addition to financial information in order to further improve its accountability to stakeholders.