OREANDA-NEWS. Kaspersky Lab has created a new interactive project, One Dollar Lesson, which guides consumers through common online banking threats and shows them how to protect their money in each instance. With online financial fraud becoming an increasingly growing threat, Kaspersky Lab aims to educate the average consumer about how to protect their finances online.

Consumers today can easily underestimate how exposed they are during online financial transactions and the different threats that can be encountered along the way. According to the Consumer Security Risk survey carried out jointly by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, 43 percent of respondents experienced in 12-month period an attack targeted specifically at financial information. Even more worrying, 44 percent of the people who lost money through online banking fraud were unable to recover it all. Whether it’s one dollar, or thousands, the journey is often the same and consumers should be aware of what can go wrong when they transfer money using their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The interactive One Dollar Lesson project offers three training modules. Each module follows the virtual journey of a one dollar payment as it travels through the endless online space towards its destination, a bank server, facing obstacles such as phishing, Trojans and man-in-the-middle attacks. The threats are illustrated vividly, but so are the “heroes” that can help the dollar reach its destination safely.

Every scenario is accompanied by a brief description of the relevant threat, reinforced with the latest data on trends and impact. This data is drawn from leading sources, such as Kaspersky Lab’s own expert research.

“Online banking and payments are now commonplace, with millions of people transferring money to pay bills, make donations or shop online. People can lack awareness of the threats their money can face, and this can make them a little too casual about online transactions. We created the interactive lessons to help people better understand the threats and handle money online more responsibly. We believe that forewarned is forearmed,“- says Alexander Erofeev, Chief Marketing Officer, Kaspersky Lab.

The modules have been designed with compelling graphics and content relating to the different tricks and methods cybercriminals use to steal money and banking credentials. Everyone who completes the three modules will be rewarded with a free three-month trial of Kaspersky Total Security. This solution includes Safe Money technology that provides additional protection for online financial transactions. For example, before authorizing an online payment, Safe Money checks the site’s origin and, verifies its certificate through the cloud, ensuring that no malicious activity can interfere with the transaction process on the computer.