OREANDA-NEWS. The General Assembly (GA) of Salam International Investment Limited (SIIL) held itsOrdinary Meeting on Wednesday 25th of February 2015, with the legalquorum being met, to discuss all items listed on its agenda and issued thefollowing resolutions:

1 – The Board’s Report andFuture Plans: TheGA heard and approved the Board’s report with regard to the Company’s performanceand financial position for the year ending on December 31/2014, in addition tofuture plans.

2 – Auditors’ Report andConsolidated Financial Statements: TheGA heard the auditors’ report (Deloitte & Touché) detailing the company’sconsolidated balance sheet and profit & loss statement for the year endingDecember 31/2014. The GA approved the balance sheet and profit and lossstatement for the financial year ending December 31/2014 that showed a netprofit of QR 86.8 million.

The GA approved the independentauditors'''' report on the consolidated financial statements of the company and inaddition approved the disclosures in the accompanying notes to the financialstatements, including disclosures related to the subsidiaries and their loans.

3 –Discharging the BoardMembers and Approval of Remuneration:- The GA decided to discharge theBoard members for the financial year ending on December 31/2014 and approvedthe disbursement of their remuneration.