OREANDA-NEWS. QatarInternational Islamic Bank (QIIB) has decides to change the Ordinary GeneralAssembly meeting to be on Sunday, 15th March 2015. In absence of requiredquorum, the second meeting will be conduct on Wednesday 25th March 2015 todiscuss the following agenda:

1) Board of Director Report on the results of the Bank and financial statementsfor year ended 31/12/2014 and discussion of the bank future plan and the GovernanceReport for the year 2014.

2) Sharia Supervisory Board report.

3) External auditors’ report on the financial statements for the year ended31/12/2014

4) Discussion and approval of the Bank’s balance sheet and the profit and loss forthe year ended 31/12/2014.

5) Approval of the board of directors’ proposal to distribute 40% cash dividendsof the nominal value per share, i.e. QAR 4.0 per share.

6) Absolve the Board members from liability for the year 2014 and approve theremuneration prescribed to them.

7) Approval of the Board recommendation to issue Additional Tier1 Sukuknonconvertible into an ordinary shares up to QR 3 billion, and delegate thebank board of directors'''' to decide the size of each issuance ,terms andconditions, issuance currency after getting all necessary approvals fromsupervisory authorities .