OREANDA-NEWS. SoftBank Telecom Corp. ("SoftBank Telecom"), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. (the "Company"), decided its dividend of surplus on February 25, 2015. Expected impact caused by this dividend to the financial results of the Company, on a stand-alone basis are as follows.

1. Outline of dividend by SoftBank Telecom
(a) Total amount of dividend - JPY 43,712 million
(b) Effective date - February 26, 2015

2. Impact on financial results of the Company
SoftBank Telecom is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. The Company expects to record JPY 43,712 million in dividends received as non-operating income on a stand-alone basis, for the fiscal year ending March 2015. On a consolidated basis, dividends received from a subsidiary will be eliminated as inter-company transaction.