OREANDA-NEWS. A survey conducted by the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT" showed that more than 70% of car owners during the sale of the car does not want to turn to the dealers, and they hope, in the first turn, on the Internet. Moreover, almost every fifth (18.5%) car owner is ready to give his old car in Trade-In as partial payment for a new one. Approximately 4% of the respondents during the sale of cars planned to put it at the dealership for a commission.

Recall that in 2014 the total volume of re-registrations of used cars in Russia was 6.1 million units, which is more by 6% than in 2013. At the same time, according to "AUTOSTAT", the official dealers sold only 420 thousand used cars the last year, or about 7% of the total volume.

According to the director of the agency "AUTOSTAT", Sergey Tselikov, the potential of dealer segment of used cars is high enough. Even if we take only “fresh” cars (up to 7 years), it is about 2 million units per year. The main problem – is the formation of the optimal price that would satisfy both, seller and buyer. The bulk of Trade-In transactions breaks because of the fact that the dealer assigns inadequately low price.

And car owners, by focusing on maximum offers of sites Auto.ru and Avito.ru, hope to gain significantly more money for the car. According to Mr. Tselikov, the solution can only be found if there will be a public cost calculator of used vehicles in the country by type American Kelley Blue Book.